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The Östmark church

The Östmark church, built in 1765, is one of the best preserved examples of 18th century regional building tradition or style of architecture. The church was built of horizontal logs as a cruciform church with a built out sacristy to the east and the church tower to the west. Entrances to the church, through projecting shelters, are in the western, southern and northern wings. The outer walls are covered with red-dyed shingles under a steep hipped gable roof. The roof construction consists of heartwood Scotch pine. Both roof and outer walls are regularly given a coating of tar. The tower is crowned with a tall spire. The inner walls of the sanctuary have a boarding and are covered by two crossed barrel-vaults. In the 1770s the outer walls were insulated with sawdust and in 1778, near the pulpit, a window was put in. The most thorough restoration of the church was made in the years 1935 and 1936 under the leadership of architect Bror Almquist. The interior of the church was repainted and the two windows on the eastern wall of the chancel had new stained-glass windows. However, great care was taken in consideration of the style of architecture. A new retable, in harmony with the original altar-piece, was obtained, and all the old inventories were preserved. On July 2, 1935 the restoration was made complete and the church was rededicated. The pulpit, dating back to the 1600s, was originally used in the Västra Ämtervik church.

The retable was designed by architect Bror Almquist in the 1930s. The oil-painting, though, which is an integral part of it, depicting the crucifixion of Christ, dates back to the 1760s.

Where the baptismal font is, there is also a canopy in the same style and technique as the pulpit. It is probably also from the Västra Ämtervik church, but the christening-bowl was donated to the church in 1967. It was designed by silversmith Sigurd Persson of Stockholm.


It is a great privilege to be a pastor in the Östmark church which is an integral part of the nationwide Church of Sweden. Local people appreciate their church, and she is for many reasons a meeting-point, be it a variety of church services, funerals, weddings or christenings. Likewise, music and choir-singing are important to the people of Östmark.

For more information about the Östmark church and her field of activities, please go to www.svenskakyrkan.se/ostmark. .


Welcome to the Östmark church!

Johan Bonander


E-mail: johan.bonander@svenskakyrkan.se


Bröderna Dobermann


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